2016 | Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Georgia (Tbilisi)

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Tbilisi, Georgia | On 22nd and 23rd October 2016 will take place the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, one of the youngest Grand Lodges in the world. According to the official communication received from the Deputy Grand Secretary, there will be elections for the office of Grand Master, it will be elected a new Grand Council and the will make amendments to the Constitution and the General Regulations. It will also be adopted a new Code of Conduct (Code of Ethics). After the reception given by the new Grand Master, foreign delegations will visit Kakheti region.

Alicia Toyos, founder of Feminine Freemasonry in Uruguay, left us...

Montevideo, Uruguay | Last week passed away the first Grand Master of Feminine Freemasonry in Uruguay, Alicia Margarita TOYOS YANEZ. She was the one who founded, along with other members of the Craft the first Feminine Grand Lodge in history of this country, with the support of the Feminine Grand Lodge of Chile. Her death left the family in grief, as well the Masonic community in Uruguay and in Latin America.

In her memory, the Masonic Agency decreed on 14, 15 and 16 October 2016 days of mourning. Alicia TOYOS was the only woman who held the title of Honorary Member of the Masonic Agency and was an ally of the principles promoted by the Masonic Agency. At the beginning of the ordinary session of the Council today it was held a moment of silence, and the President stated: God also needs good people!

Grand Lodge of Cyprus celebrates its 10th anniversary

Monday, 17 October 2016

Nicosia, Cyprus | This year, on 29 October 2016 the Grand Lodge of Cyprus will celebrate a decade of existence. Cypriot ties with Freemasonry dates back more than two centuries. The first documents are found Larnaca, the main port on the island at the time. The first Masonic Lodge in Cyprus was founded in the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England. Cypriot Lodges are currently working in Greek, English, German and Italian. The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cyprus is Most Worshipful Petros S. Machalepis. The Masonic Ceremony will take place at Famagusta Gate, built in 1567 by the Venetians. The event will be attended by guests from Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Meeting of the 6th Zone of the IMC

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Montevideo, Uruguay. From 12 to 14 October 2016 takes place the Annual Meeting of the 6th Zone of the IMC (Interamerican Masonic Confederation). The meeting will be presided by Edgar Sánchez Caballero (Grand Master of the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay) and takes place in Montevideo (organized by the Grand Lodge of Uruguay). IMC's 6th Zone consists of: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay.

International Salon of Masonic Arts and Culture | 5th edition

Friday, 7 October 2016

Bucharest, Romania. From 4th to 6th November 2016 will take place the 5th edition of the International Salon of Masonic Arts and Culture, an annual event of the Feminine Freemasonry (Women Freemasons) in Romania. The Grand Master of the Order, Graziela Barla, along with Romanian ladies Freemasons manage to bring together every year profanes and Masonic organizations from the country and abroad to provide a different perspective on Freemasonry in the 21st century.

This initiative of Romanian Feminine Freemasonry (Women Freemasons) to promote art and culture is held annually in the capital of the country (Bucharest) and gives to the society the opportunity to meet closely certain activities of Freemasonry. The International Salon invites you to participate in public lectures, book launches, art exhibitions etc. The official partner of the International Salon is Dignitas Foundation and the entrance is free.


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